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Business Web Hosting

COMMbits Business Hosting

Relax! We’ve got your back!

We offer Business Web Hosting off our High Speed Internet dedicated servers.

Many plans to choose from.
Please contact us with your requirements.

Here are some plans:
– Advanced VPS Hosting Plans
– Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

With our Business Web Hosting your website is not hosted on a shared hosting plan, therefore it does not compete for valuable resources with 3rd-party customers with usage patters unknown to COMMbits. Instead, we use high-end dedicated servers, reserved exclusively for COMMbits business clients.

We allocate server resources (RAM, server processes, CPU priority) to each business client separately, according to what each project requires. At the end of the day each website receives the amount of resources it requires in order to function efficiently and display high performance at all times.

As always, we take care of all hardware and core software issues with frequent updates through the data center itself. And just as with all COMMbits web hosting assets, our Business Web Hosting servers are also within our Premium Data Center.

The bottom line: Rest assured that your website will have enough resources to back it adequately. And when you traffic increases or your business needs change, upgrades are always possible!

Business Web Hosting is already included in our Business Website Design packages.

See all our Web hosting plans.

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Servicing the Greater Toronto Area and beyond
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