Your Always-On, Complete and Reliable Accounting System Delivered Right from the Cloud


Get rid of the headaches of your on-site Accounting Server setup!

You are in a rush to file a tax return. Or work with your receivables. Or issue and send an invoice. BUT in fear you discover that your accounting system is not responding any more! Licenses expired. Server has not been maintained properly. Or following a disaster you discover that your accounting backups never existed to begin with.

If this sounds familiar, you certainly understand the importance of an always available, always reachable Accounting System. So do we.

Quickbooks on a cloud Windows Server

With COMMbits Accounting-In-A-Box, you get a properly configured, regularly updated and maintained ON THE CLOUD!

It is just like having your own hardware in the office, but with no hardware at all! Magic! No more headaches. Low upfront costs and no hardware to maintain at your end.

Bring your existing QuickBooks license to the cloud! Whether you’re operating from a single office or different locations in your city, state, or country, your Accounting system becomes available across your Organization. All you need is your Internet connection and our …special touch!

Embracing the Cloud: The Advantages of Hosting Your Accounting System

Hosting your accounting system on the cloud offers a plethora of advantages that can significantly improve your financial management processes. Click here for the top benefits.

No More Pains!

What issues does COMMbits Accounting-In-A-Box solve?

Dramatically Reduce Costs

  • NO costly hardware Windows Server required
  • NO hardware Server Maintenance on-site 
  • Low setup cost
  • One single monthly low price


  • Access your Accounting system from ANYWHERE!
  • All server management is done remotely
  • Multi-user connections to your cloud server

Quickly Respond to Evolving Business Needs

  • Upgrade cloud Windows Server within minutes.
  • No hardware changes required!
  • Allow more users to access server quickly. (* Requires adequate Multi-user Accounting licenses.)

Business Continuity

  • No more risks in case of a disaster
  • Your Accounting data is backed-up automatically on the cloud. You are fully covered!


Simplified Pricing


1-user: CDN$150/mo

plus $350 setup

3-user: CDN$245/mo

plus $700 setup

5-user: CDN$350/mo

plus $950 setup

(includes Windows Server, remote connectivity and backup system licenses, CPU/memory resources and storage.)


Note: Client is responsible for purchasing and renewing their own QuickBooks or other Accounting system licenses. We support any version that is actively licensed and therefore supported by the software’s vendor.

Bring or get

your Accounting license from any source you choose. We support anything that requires a Windows Server. Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, etc.


  • add user licenses so more than one user can access your server at the same time.
  • upgrade Accounting Company file, if an upgrade is required. 
  • configure your Accounting data backup according to your usage patterns
  • Install your own mailbox so that your solution can email-out.


1-time (Setup) Fees Include:

  • Commissioning of the Windows server.
  • Expert configuration of the Windows server for use securely with this solution.
  • All software setup and configuration (QuickBooks, Remote desktop, user security, COMMbits Cloud Backup, and cloud storage space configuration, etc.)
  • Client’s accounting company file converted and installed on the server.
  • Client’s accounting software licenses properly installed on the server.
  • Client’s users opened, configured and access rights supplied to all stakeholders. (Partner, end users.)
  • Assisting clients (i.e. how to connect to the server).

Recurring (monthly) Fees Include:

In summary, we keep all licenses up to date, cover all recurring costs and provide support to the server and users.

  • Windows Server licenses
  • Remote Desktop licenses
  • Business Cloud Backup licenses
  • Cloud Backup storage
  • Expert systems administration (Windows server updates, maintenance, support)
  • Client does not need to do anything!
  • User support, for example configuration on new computers or new staff.


Refresh – Rethink – Get up-to-date. Expand your business.


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