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Expert in digital marketing, lead generation, and social audience building.

Robert More Pirate Punch
An avid Karaoke singer, constantly refining his secret recipe for Pirate Rum Punch.

“The ‘digital footprint’ of your business are the new shiny shoes…it is how you will be judged in the in the social media age!”

Robert joins the team and brings almost 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to COMMbits engagements. As the Founder or co-creator of many successful digital businesses including The Vendare Group, Baby-to-Bee, The Great American Photo Contest, and oneQube, Robert has a keen understanding of all the necessary elements for a company or technology to dominate their digital space.

Robert is an expert in digital marketing and qualified lead generation, database marketing, and social audience building. He has an extreme passion for small business, startups, and disruptive technologies.

When he’s not driving more leads and sales for his clients, he can be found singing karaoke with his family and friends and refining his secret recipe for Pirate Rum Punch.

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