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Toronto Subrogation Consultants and Solutions provider SIAdvisers relaunches its web presence with a modern COMMbits website – Summer 2019.

SIAdvisers has been working with COMMbits for some years, and this new web presence is the natural evolution from the previous, smaller website, also designed by COMMbits.

This new web design projects contains modern components such as animated boxes, thick shadows, large copy text and bold statements in tag lines.

Creative director and experienced e-marketeer Al Poullis of COMMbits was able to extract marketing tag lines from the client’s simple paragraph text input.

Special attention and focus is given to the cilent’s experienced staff members, one of their unique assets.

The website is powered by the renowned WordPress platform. Other than the premier software for bloggers, WordPress has evolved into a 1st-class website content management system for business and personal websites alike.

Following launch in the Summer of 2019, the project is continually maintained on a professional basis via the COMMbits unique Web site Content Management program.

For more information on our web design and redesign services please see the information on our custom business web sites, or contact us today.

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