Looking for a stylish and cost-effective way to sell or rent your videos on demand? Look no further! We have the solution for you.

Video-On-Demand (OTT)

What is OTT?

A complete and reliable solution with Shopping Cart and world-leading streaming!

At COMMbits, we have created an all-inclusive package for reliable video purchase and streaming, utilizing services and functionality from Cloudflare and other world-leading players.

Are you still selling your content on DVDs? Not any more! Now, paying customers can view your video content on-line! They can purchase it, or Rent it! Reach out today and allow us to demonstrate our solution.

With the COMMbits Video-On-Demand  solution, you get everything you need to start selling your video content on-line with affordable upfront and on-going streaming costs. Your customers purchase or rent (optional) your content and add it to their Library, where they can play it at any time, on a variety of platforms including mobile phones and TV streamcasting. You set your own price for your content, you get paid directly from your customers. 

No More Pains selling or renting your video content!

What issues does COMMbits Video-On-Demand solve?

Affordable – Finally!

  • 1-time custom setup fee. We will match the look’n feel of your existing website!
  • No costly storage costs. We include 15 hours /mo of stored  video for free!
  • No costly streaming costs. We include 30 hours /mo of streaming for free!
  • No heavy long-term contracts! Pay monthly, discontinue at any time.


  • No need to go hunting for a storage  & streaming provider (i.e. Vimeo)
  • No need to find and integrate a video player either.
  • No need to hire a web-designer or a programmer. Web development is at the core of our business!
  • No need for 3rd party web hosting and web care. We’ve got you covered!

Protecting your copyright

  • No one can view your video content unless they are a paying customer.
  • No one can download and re-distribute your video content, including customers who have purchased your content.
  • Our player works only if a paying customer logs-in to your website.

System Maintenance

  • WE add and digitally “sign” your new video content for you. You just provide us with the original video files, your desired price and description.
  • Easy, short learning curve on how to process your orders and communicate with your customers (no costly training needed)
  • WE perform all required website maintenance. (“Managed” solution)

hrs of included video storage /mo

hrs of included video streaming /mo

new video additions included /mo

Simple Steps for a premium VOD service

Simplified Pricing

CDN$135 per month


  • 15 hours of video storage /mo ($20 each 15 additional hrs)
  • 30 hours of video streaming /mo ($25 each 30 additional hrs )
  • Addition of up to 3 new videos per month. (Additional: 1: $50, 5-pack: $105, 10-pack: $195.)
  • Customization with your existing site’s look ‘n feel (logo and colors)
  • Business web hosting
  • Customer Care
  • If you expect to have a large number of video files and/or more than 100 simultaneous users, please contact us for a custom quote.
  • Please see optional Add-Ons below.

+ 1-time setup and configuration

Please contact us for details and your custom quote.
Pricing may change without notice. Always check back here for accurate pricing.



your video!


your solution (call for quote)


  • full website customization

  • shopping cart customization

  • payment methods customization

  • Add optional features (Rentals, Bundles)


Video Rentals

  • Allow customers to rent your videos. Each video can have its own expiry time.
  • Customers are able to see when their rental period expires, per video.

Setup price (1-time): $250
License (annual fee): $175


  • Group your existing videos in bundles.
  • Each bundle priced separately and carries its own product title and description.

Setup price (1-time): $850
License (annual fee): $75

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats and quality levels are delivered through the Stream?
Our Streaming Global partner decides on which bitrate, resolution, and codec is best for you. We deliver all videos to industry standard H264 codec. We use a few different adaptive streaming levels from 360p to 1080p to ensure smooth streaming for your audience watching on different devices and bandwidth constraints.
What input file formats are supported?

The following file formats are supported:


Does Stream support High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content?

When HDR videos are uploaded to Stream, they are re-encoded and delivered in SDR format, to ensure compatibility with the widest range of viewing devices.

What frame rates (FPS) are supported?

Stream supports video file uploads for any FPS, however videos will be re-encoded for 70 FPS playback. If the original video file has a frame rate lower than 70 FPS, Stream will re-encode at the original frame rate.

If the frame rate is variable we will drop frames (e.g. if there are more than 1 frames within 1/30 seconds, we will drop the extra frames within that period).

What are the recommended upload settings for video uploads?

If you are producing a brand new file for our Streaming solution, we recommend you use the following settings:

  • MP4 containers, AAC audio codec, H264 video codec, 30 or below frames per second
  • moov atom should be at the front of the file (Fast Start)
  • H264 progressive scan (no interlacing)
  • H264 high profile
  • Closed GOP
  • Content should be encoded and uploaded in the same frame rate it was recorded
  • Mono or Stereo audio (Stream will mix audio tracks with more than 2 channels down to stereo)

Below are bitrate recommendations for encoding new videos for Stream, in a variety of resolutions

  • 1080p – 8 Mbps
  • 720p – 4.8 Mbps
  • 480p – 2.4 Mbps
  • 360p – 1 Mbps
What browsers does Stream work on?


  • Chrome, Supported since Chrome version 88+
  • Firefox, Supported since Firefox version 87+
  • Edge, Supported since Edge 89+
    Safari, Supported since Safari version 14+
  • Opera, Supported since Opera version 75+

Chromium not supported, as Chromium does not support H.264 videos.

Mobile Platforms:

  • Chrome on Android, Supported on Chrome 90
  • UC Browser on Android, Supported on version 12.12+
  • Samsung Internet, Supported on 13+
  • Safari on iOS, Supported on iOS 13.4+. Speed selector supported when not in fullscreen.
Can my customers download original video files from Stream?
No! Your video content is protected from downloading and unauthorized viewing.
Does Stream support multi-audio tracks?
Stream does not currently support multi-audio tracks. For files with multiple audio tracks, Stream uses the first available audio track.
Is there a limit to the amount of videos I can upload?
  • By default, a video upload can be at most 30 GB.

  • The total duration of all videos in your account must be within the allowed limits for your account.
  • If you need to increase your limits please contact us.
If I cancel my stream subscription, are the videos deleted?

Videos are removed if the subscription is not renewed within 20 days.

Can I have a customized store-front?

Yes! Please contact us with your particular requirements and we will discuss your use-case in detail with you.

What is the process of uploading new video?

You only need to provide us with a temporary link pointing to your new video, along with the video’s title, short summary, description, and price. 

Each video video we upload for you must be on its own link.

Providing temporary links simplifies the uploading process, as we can instruct our Streaming partner to grab your video from those temporary links. The links must point to video publicly accessible, otherwise our Streaming partner cannot grab them.

Once your video has been uploaded and shows in your store, you can disable the temporary links and/or remove the video files from the temporary locations.

What happens behind the scenes for every new video?

Our service is all-inclusive, and as such we take care of new video addition to your system.

In any event, actions we make behind the scenes include the following:

  • Ensure your video has been properly uploaded into our Streaming partner’s platform.
  • We configure each video separately on the Streaming platform and create the video’s unique ID.
  • We grab a frame from your video and create an optimized featured image for your video, which will be shown in your store.
  • We create the video “product” in your store, complete with short summary, description, price and featured image.
  • We setup the video’s page with the streaming player.
Can I provide my own featured images for my videos?


Please follow these specifications:

  • File format: jpg
  • Resolution: 400 x 223px
  • Max file size: 20KB.
  • Name your filenames as per the video’s title.
Can I edit video descriptions, summaries and prices on my own?


Once we create a new video, it is available for you to modify it’s title, summary, description and price behind the scenes.

How about sales statistics?


There is a comprehensive set of reporting, including Total sales, net sales, # of orders, products sold per selected time period.

Also, there are charts showing your sales, revenue, etc.

Can I assign and distribute discount coupons to my customers?


A coupon can have a combination of the following parameters:

  • Fixed cart discount, % cart discount, fixed product discount
  • An amount (fixed or %)
  • Expiry date
  • Usage restrictions (including minimum cart value, product restrictions – inclusions or exclusions, category restrictions, email restrictions, etc.
  • Usage limits (for example, a coupon can be valid for 10 uses per coupon, or valid for 2 uses per user.)
How much do you keep from each of my sales?

Absolutely nothing. Zero.

Your sales revenue does not even flow through us. It is collected by your payment partner, for example PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, etc.

How you get paid from your payment partner, and whether they keep an amount from each of your sales is entirely between you and your payment partner.

How am I getting paid for my sales?

We will integrate your own payment account, for example your PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net account.

How you get paid depends on how you have configured your account in your payment account.

Yes, but I don't want to commit for a year!

In the 25+ years of our operation, here at COMMbits we never believed in “Annual Commitments”. We want your continuing business only if you are happy with us and our service, not because you are “stuck” in an annual contract.

Your account is renewed on a monthly basis, with no commitment period. We bill your monthly fee at the beginning of the month, and we cover you for that month.

If at any point, and for any reason, you wish to discontinue, please let us know 10 days ahead of month-end. In that case, we will not bill you for any subsequent months, and we will also keep your videos for 20 days, in case you change your mind.


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