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Maintenance & Support

Building long-lasting business relationships

The true testament of any service is its longevity. Long after we initially design your website, or provide any other service, we keep working with you and helping your company grow.


What’s already included in our service

One of the great advantages of our “1-stop Shopping” model is that we take care of all facets of web design and beyond, and we are fully accountable for everything we do. No more finger-pointing between different vendors who tend to blame each other in the event something goes wrong.

Things like server Systems Administration, WordPress core/plugin updates, threat mitigation, and domain renewals are all included already in our service.

Basic Content Management for FREE!

Your website is equipped with a Content Management System (CMS) allowing you to make content changes on your own. However, many clients still turn to us for small content maintenance jobs. It is for this reason that many years ago we decided to include basic content management in all our web design projects which we provide business web hosting services for.

Professional Content Management

DO MORE with your website and let us manage content for you, the right way! Don’t fall in the trap of unmanaged web content! Let us take care of business for you with our Professional Web Content Management Program!

“Thank you Al & team for taking care of us. It is guys like you that have helped us to continue to expand over the years!”
Keith Smitiuch, Toronto
Keith W. Smitiuch

Smitiuch Injury Law, Toronto

“You guys are truly awesome and I do not know where I would be without your assistance and super fast response. You rock!”
Jeff Bekkers, Club Bekkers Kennels Oakville
Jeff Bekkers

Club Bekkers Kennels, Oakville

Optional Professional Support Contracts

In addition to our included website maintenance, we provide optional service agreements and Webmaster Contracts for clients who require frequent website updates, or have any other specific requirements. Such agreements, which include Digital Marketing & Lead Generation retainers and On-site IT Support SLA contracts, vary based on complexity and scope and in general range from 10-30 hours monthly.

Please see table below for our ad-hoc (no contract) hourly rates.

Sys Admin & Webmaster Services

  • Maintenance & on-going monitoring / optimization of web server assets.
  • Database Maintenance including clean-up & optimization
  • Backup system periodic validation
  • Periodic security auditing and real-time threat mitigation
  • WordPress core and plugins manually updated and inspected on a regular basis
  • E-mail and phone support (business hours), data center monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Caching maintenance (server, website and 3rd party.)
  • Website audits (periodic) using COMMbits tools to find and fix any technical errors as content evolves
  • Domain setup and/or zone file changes
  • Website content updates (Web Content Copywriting services available). Menu bar(s) maintenance. HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript editing. Professional SEO Service available.
  • Media assets management – selection, color correction, SEO-friendly size optimization, etc.

AD-HOC service rates

  • Webmaster Services: $95/hr (min. charge $120)
  • Web development: $95/hr (min. charge $120 per session.)
  • Tech Support for Servers and Networks: $140/hr (min. charge 1 hr)
  • Tech Support for Desktops and Notebook computers: $95/hr (min. charge 2 hrs)

Consultation with Al Poullis: $240/hr (min charge 1 hr)(Digital Marketing & SEO Strategies, Systems Analysis & Design, Systems Architecture, e-commerce strategies) 

Please see IT Support for on-site support services and fees. (Greater Toronto Area only)


Transform your brand. Expand your business.

Maintenance & Support