Davis Dyslexia Canada

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Education & Healthcare, Not-for-Profit, Professional Services.
Davis Dyslexia and Autism Facilitator’s Association of Canada
A non-profit association dedicated to increasing awareness of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® program.

During this redesign effort, the 2011 original website (also designed by COMMbits) received a modern re-styling treatment and most importantly responsive design capabilities.

In today’s online world, websites must perform well on desktops and smartphones alike. Best-utilizing modern web design elements is also of paramount importance if a website is to capture a visitor’s attention and convert him or her.

Just like in the original version seven years ago, multilingual capabilities persist in this rendition too, but only improved. For example, advancements in technology now allow us better performance at the core of the multilingual system, in addition to compatibility with modern themes, not previously possible.

The site is on the updated COMMbits business web hosting platform and is powered by our legendary Maintenance & Support program.

March, 2018

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