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WordPress Hosting

We give your WordPress website enough power to meet demand and shine.

Outperformed by your competition is NOT an option!

Some of the things that can make or break your online presence:

  • Server health & monitoring,
  • Website changes,
  • Server technical specifications,
  • quality and quantity of neighboring tenants,
  • Regular WordPress core and plugin updates,
  • security and threat-mitigation,
  • server hardening & on-going upgrades,
  • SSL & data encryption,
  • and backups

We’ve got you covered.

Top business web hosting for
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Managed WordPress Hosting

COMMbits Inc, Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Business web hosting on our premium data center

Premium Hosting and Site Performance

  • MaxIPS (faster than SSD), US-based data center with US-wide plus Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal local 3rd party caching. Flexible scaling. Constant high performance is required for both SEO and human visitors.
  • Separate database hosting on private network (PN) – secure and ultra-fast.
  • Caching and CDN (Content Distribution Network) dramatically improving site performance – good for SEO and human visitors:
    • Intra-site caching: Automatic generation of static files from dynamic files.
    • Extra-site: Cloudflare: CDN – Serve files from synced nodes closest to requestor.
    • Extra-site: Minimized CSS, JS and HTML assets for faster delivery.
    • Server-based: CentOS 7x caching

Comprehensive Security & Backup

  • Intra-site Protection against a variety of vulnerabilities, blocking suspected hackers, throttling rapid requests, etc.
  • Intra-site: Protection against “Brute Force” attacks.
  • Extra-site: Cloudflare account. Protection at the DNS level.
  • Firewall: Server-based, all ports closed to the general public, except those required by regular web requests (http/https).
  • Separate database server, accessible only by the web server itself – inaccessible to the public for security.
  • Premium Online backup (scheduled, seamless). Daily (db), weekly (full). Disaster recovery: Ability to retrieve previous instances of whole website. Retention: Multiple snapshots of at least 10 days.

e-Commerce Web Hosting

We also offer secure and high-performance business web hosting for E-Commerce web design projects.


Check out our On-Site Support for the Greater Toronto Area and our Website Support & Maintenance.

Beware of the gimmicks!

Please educate yourselves on the many risks and traps of mainstream Web hosting for small business.

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