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Older email services are typically offered as part of a web hosting account. Although these accounts have basic messaging capabilities they don’t offer modern Outlook business Email functionality like synchronization among all your devices, shared calendars and contacts, proper anti-spam and anti-virus.

If you are in the Corporate world, we can help and support your IT Team in providing a robust Office 365 Outlook business Email solution, even for hundreds of users in your Organization!

Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

We offer the complete Office 365 Suite, including the Microsoft Teams environment, an organic collaboration tool for bringing multiple teams together.

Migration service available

We can help you bring over your old email into the new system.

Top Outlook Business Email features

Work smarter from anywhere.
Be more productive with our Hosted Exchange Solution.

Access your E-mail on any device, anywhere, any time
Share your calendar across your organization
Synchronize and share contacts
Synchronize all your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.)
Manage conference rooms, projectors, etc. with resource mailboxes
Schedule and manage your tasks
Advanced antivirus and anti-spam filtering
Enterprise-grade infrastructure and security
Start immediately and access without other software with Outlook Web App (OWA)
(POPULAR OPTION) Include Outlook perpetual licensing (PCs, Macs)
(POPULAR OPTION) Automated, Company-wide Disclaimer or other global signature
(OTHER OPTIONS) Email Archiving, Microsoft Office 365 upgrades …

Why Hosted Microsoft Exchange

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Pitfalls with Implementing Exchange Server In-house
Many companies elect to host a service or software in-house. On the surface, there appear to be great cost savings coupled with the assurance that comes with managing something yourself, or with a team that can directly account for issues, questions and concerns. But with this added assurance also comes the licensing, maintenance and training costs that are not always readily apparent.


If you are considering hosting MS Exchange in-house, costs like hardware, software, backup and archiving capabilities, general software maintenance and training should all be allocated in you start-up budget. You should also factor in who will trouble shoot an issue in the middle of the night and how much extra an on-call staff member would cost.

Why Hosted Exchange is Better Than an In-house Solution
  • No up-front capital costs for servers or software needed. This can equate to costs savings of at least one tenth of the total cost of ownership compared to an in-house solution.
  • Latest versions of Outlook and Entourage easily accessible via optional Outlook desktop licensing.
  • Professional anti-spam and anti-virus filtering are automatically included.
  • You get guaranteed performance (99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement) without having to manage anything yourself.
  • You get reliability – Outlook Business Email with Hosted Exchange is hosted on multi-million $ data centers Vs. your own in-house networking infrastructure.
  • No full-time in-house technical staff needed for the configuration, installation, or ongoing system maintenance.
  • You can manage your account with an easy-to-use control panel to add or delete users, distribution lists, mobile devices or contacts.
  • We perform the network and security monitoring so you don’t have to.
  • You’ll always have the most updated version of Exchange – we handle software patches and updates automatically.
Pitfalls with POP or Free Email
Older email services are typically offered as part of a web hosting account. Although these accounts offer basic messaging capabilities they don’t function in a synchronized fashion, meaning your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet may be accessing different snapshots of your email structures. Contacts may be different between devices or your your calendar may only contain items that have been entered from that specific device. Those old accounts may also contain advertising and lack business fundamentals like backup, anti-spam and anti-virus protection.
Why Hosted Exchange is Better Than POP or Free Email
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Business email is always available – no lost messages or outages
  • You get more done and save time setting up meetings and tasks with employees by using synchronized calendars, contacts and tasks.
  • It’s Secure – avoid getting hacked or black listed from someone else’s abuse on a traditional hosting server.
  • It’s separate from your hosting account. So if an issue occurs with your website, it won’t affect your email.
  • Our experts manage your email system for you – handling the installation, server and software updates, patching, security and network monitoring.
  • You pay month-to-month – no long term contracts or cancellation fees.
  • You get access to our knowledgeable support team.
  • You get guaranteed performance with our 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • You get anywhere access – messages, contacts and calendars are fully integrated and synchronized between Outlook Business email on your desktop, laptop, web browser and mobile devices. So mobile workers can access messages from any location.
  • Professional anti-spam and anti-virus filtering are included.
Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps Compared
  • Offline Email: In Exchange, Outlook Business Email syncs with the Web. Google offers IMAP/POP access, not two-way sync.
  • Web mail:  Outlook Web for Exchange, which looks and feels like your familiar Outlook Desktop version, Vs. GMail in Google Apps.
  • Calendar:  Outlook Business Email syncs with the web in both cases.
  • Contacts: With Exchange, Outlook syncs with OWA and all devices. Detailed contact database. In Google Apps there is limited contact database available on the web. Does not sync Contacts with Outlook.
  • Tasks: In Exchange, Outlook syncs with the Web. In Google Apps Outlook doesn’t sync with the Web. There are task lists available in GMail.
  • Notes: In Exchange, Outlook Business Email syncs with the Web. In Google Apps Outlook doesn’t sync with the Web. No notes feature in GMail but there is Google Docs.
  • Security: Exchange is secured with SSL. In Google Apps this is optional.
  • Blackberry support: In Exchange: Full wireless sync of mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks. Plus option to remotely wipe the handheld in the event it is lost. In Google Apps email access via Blackberry Internet Service is not a two-way sync. Calendar and contacts sync with add-in. Notes and tasks only sync when attached by cable. Remote wipe not supported.
  • Windows Mobile support: In Exchange: Full wireless sync of mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks. Remote wipe supported. In Google Apps calendar and contacts sync via Activesync only with Pro edition ($). Does not sync email.
  • iPhone support: In Exchange: Full wireless sync of mail, calendar, notes, tasks. Remote wipe available with MobileMe account ($). In Google Apps: Sync calendar and contacts via Activesync with Pro edition ($). Does not sync email. Remote wipe available with MobileMe account ($)
  • Shared folders: In Exchange: Can create shared folders for Outlook Business Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes. Accessible in Outlook and on the Web. Google Apps can create shared Calendars accessible only on the Web. Cannot share contact folders, tasks or notes.
  • Delegation: Grant others fine-grained access to email, calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks. Available in Outlook Business Email desktop and on the Web. Google Apps grant others access to calendar. Only available on the Web.

The Case for Hosted Exchange

Like other utilities, the goal email is to ensure that service remains available as close to 100% of the time as possible while simultaneously being provided as inexpensively as possible. For many organizations, managing email internally is a thing of the past, just like producing one’s own electricity is a concept of the past.


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